Move It Monday – Single Leg Hamstring Curl

whewwwwww, the burn!

We got some new moves with the start of Phase 2 today, and this one had me sweating up a storm. It challenged me, so I see a lot of room for improvement here, but isn’t that the point?

We try new things, we improve upon them!


Mindset Monday – Worthwhile

Real talk here, cause even though it’s not Tuesday, truthbombs don’t discriminate. If you are looking for something meaningful that won’t come with obstacles or frustrations, you are gonna be looking for a loooooong time.

The worthwhile stuff lies on the other side of the obstacles – the obstacles are simply life’s way of weeding out the people who don’t really want x y and z (and that ain’t you, right?!)

Get your mind right – remind yourself you can do hard things, and then go fucking do them!

Success Tip Saturday – Get Comfortable…

Let’s be real here: most of us do not LOVE feeling uncomfortable. It’s called a comfort zone for a « REASON »

But you and I both know that’s where all the magic is. That’s the path to success; peacing OUT of your comfort zone and leaping into the world of being COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Put it this way – you can have comfort, or you can have success – what are YOU choosing?

Tasty Thursday – Broccoli Turmeric Soup

Tis the season for the soup, especially with all these awful viruses and flu’s going around!

Broccoli Turmeric Soup

• 1 tablespoon organic virgin coconut oil
• 1 small white onion-diced (½ cup)
• 1 stalk organic celery—diced
• 1½ teaspoons Himalayan pink salt
• 2 garlic cloves—minced
• 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
• 1 large head Broccoli—stems removed and cut into florets
• 1 bay leaf
• 5 cups organic vegetable stock
• ¼ teaspoon fresh ginger—grated
• ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper
• ⅛ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
• 1 small avocado
• ½ fresh lemon

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Worth It Wednesday – Mind. Body. Spirit.

Do you feel you are well rounded in wellness? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t struggle with fitness, as I truly love the outlet and how I feel after.

But I definitely struggle with mind/spirit… those are the challenging ones, for me. I work on my mindset every day, but it is still too easy for me to go back to a negative state which dampens my spirit and makes things seem worse than they actually are!

Personal development, acupuncture, Tapping and sweat therapy are helping, but the battle is definitely there.

How do YOU do?


Calling all Nutritionists

Do I have any readers that have gotten certified in Nutrition? I have been wanting to go back to school and get credentials/knowledge in nutrition, one because it fascinates me, two because I feel like it would help me and my Diabetes, and I also feel it would help me help others, which, if you have been paying attention, is what I am all about; that’s my happy place.

But there are so many different ones, and it gets so confusing… I don’t want to do all that work to have it not count for anything, do you know what I mean?

I would love to chat with someone who has been there/gone through it – is this you?