WTF Friday – 5 Months and about to Pop?!

File THIS under: things absolutely not necessary to say to a pregnant woman…

I don’t often take umbrage with peoples words because I like to believe they have good intentions – I have misspoke before with good intentions, too…

But I didn’t feel this was necessary and I won’t lie, as someone who has struggled (AND been transparent and vocal about said struggles) with the changes her body has gone through, I definitely did not need to hear this today.

No pregnant woman wants to hear this, probably not at any time during pregnancy, but certainly not when they are barely halfway.

(No, he never responded to my last message…)

If you are gonna say shit like this, be man enough to face the wrath, am I right? But better yet, if YOU haven’t been pregnant and experienced the MILLIONS of changes your body goes through, maybe pipe down and keep quiet? 🙂

For the record, due to my age, and my Diabetes, I see my OB GYN twice a month, and we discuss my fitness habits each time, and each time she clears me and/or tells me specific things she does not want me doing, and I ALWAYS abide by that. Fitness is my stress relief, but it is NOT something I would use to put my child at risk, and my doctor is very attuned to my habits and we discuss this often, as anyone who is pregnant and active should!

What the Fuck Friday – Body Mass Index

Let’s talk numbers!

I have always maintained numbers do NOT tell the whole story. They are RIDICULOUSLY easy to get hung up on, and I have definitely fallen victim to this at some points (haven’t we all), but luckily, I am usually really good with realizing that a number is just that, a number.

But in this classic example of not letting a number send me off into a tail spin…

On Monday at my doctors appointment, they measured my height (still short!), and weight (still don’t give an eff about that number!) like always… and this BMI number must have been auto calculated based on height/weight, because that was all they did, nothing else to determine BMI.

And I COULD have… and in the past, probably WOULD have, let this number drive me off the deep end. Because I didn’t always have the healthiest body image – I often used to let people’s comments about needing to eat a sandwich upset me, etc.

But here’s the thing… this IS just a number; it doesn’t take into account any muscle I may have. It doesn’t take into account I had a heavy coat on when being weighed, and boots. It’s just some basic calculation of height and weight, because NO PART of me believes that I am just a mere .59 away from being categorized as OVERWEIGHT. Sorry, but nothing and no one would convince me as such!

Now I have a healthy body image, so I am able to see this as the bullshit it is… but for someone who may not have such a healthy body image, this number could have caused a lot of pain and triggered a chain reaction of unhealthy decisions.

Numbers are numbers, they don’t tell the whole story, so don’t get too hung up on them… its a slippery slope, and you are better than any number.