Wednesday Wonders – Foam Rollers

Ohhhh my gosh, these things…

foam rollers

My quads and calves were so tight during my first round of Hammer & Chisel, and the same is already true for round 2.

The muscles get quite a workout, which makes them tense. The roller I have is not actually foam, but it does the job and feels SO amazing.

I had never used it until Hammer & Chisel, because I got to a point where they felt like they would explode if I didn’t release the tension SOMEHOW…

Do you use rollers? Do you feel they help you?


Wednesday Wonders – New Years Goals

I always enter the new year determined to make it even better than the last. More and more so lately, I have realized that I should do some things that I don’t, and I shouldn’t do some things that I do.

Finding the balance is challenging, but doable. For 2016, these are some of my goals!

Big things are going to happen this year!

This year I will

Do you have any goals you will accomplish this year? Care to share them?