Mythbusting Monday – Fats

Eat fat, gain fat, right? For a long time, the traditional way to lose weight has been to subject oneself to a low-fat diet. Today, we know that isn’t the case.

No, fat is not qualified as ‘healthy’, but shunning all fat from your diet can be dangerous, since your body needs to consume at least some omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  A little fat won’t kill you, promise!

The truth is if you stay in a caloric surplus, a low-fat diet won’t make you lose weight. You need some omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; saturated fat won’t give you a heart attack, but too much trans fat may.

It’s about choosing the GOOD fats – not all fat is created equal!

I’m back!

Sorry, all… I took a brief hiatus from blogging due to a very tragic death in my family and my inability to fully process things, but… the good news is, I am back! The even better news is, yesterday I spent the day getting CERTIFIED to teach Country Heat LIVE – so who’s gonna join me for some classes?!

If you are local to Rhode Island (New England area – have Instructor status, will travel!), I would love to connect and turn the Heat up together!


Thursday Thoughts – There is Always More to Learn

I applaud the people who study their craft. Who practice, relentlessly, to get better at it. The people who accept they may be GOOD at it but can always be BETTER. The people who LISTEN to valuable advice given to them, and step back, and can ACKNOWLEDGE when they need to do some work.

The people who are done growing, done learning… I can only shake my head. I can’t imagine being someone so arrogant that I couldn’t look beyond where I am to where I could go. I’m so grateful I’m not.
Stay open minded. Stay grounded. Stay hungry for learning. There is truly ALWAYS more to learn, always.

Motivation Monday – Famous Hard Of Hearing People

Helen Keller. Thomas Edison. Ludwig van Beethoven. Lou Ferrigno. Juliette Low.
All of these names are well known, because each of these people did AMAZING things. The most amazing of all might be that they all OVERCAME hearing impairments in pursuit of their goals and accomplishments!
I will confess, at a younger age, I thought my own personal hearing loss was a dead end for many things. I didn’t know technology was going to make so many things so much easier, and I didn’t realize that one could still be successful despite the loss of a major sense. The age I lost my hearing is a critical time for self development, and I will confess my sudden hearing loss left me mentally and emotionally crippled for some time.
But that was way back then… this is now!
Someday, I see my OWN name associated with success despite hearing loss. I KNOW I can do anything I want. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I know I will face OBSTACLES, but those are simply my OPPORTUNITIES – to rise, to shine, to overcome… to find a workaround!
I know my hearing loss can’t stop me. If anything, I vow to let it propel me.
Obstacles into opportunities!

Thursday Thoughts – Don’t Let The Start Stop You

A new year looms and many are ready to embark on journeys to better health, wellness, career changes… the possibilities are endless.

It’s the start that stops most people.

Why is the start so hard? Because it marks the beginning of change, of something different.
And sure, that’s daunting and overwhelming… but that’s also how you get going, how you become better, and shine brighter, and grow more.
You really don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. And once you are going, you will look back and wish you had started sooner!
What are you waiting for? What will YOU make your end-of-the-year mission to achieve? What powerful momentum will YOU bring into 2017?
Don’t let the start stop you!

Why I Am Loving Country Heat

I have been truly surprised by how much I am loving Country Heat. I have always been open to any music that has a beat, but Country music was never really at the top of my list (in my defense, a LOT of it can be super cheesy!)

But like I said, as a Coach, I really do take pride in my ability to try things before deciding how I feel about them, and there was SO much buzz around this program at Summit that you really could not help but want to try it and see what all the noise was about!

The trainer Autumn and I… we have had our differences in the past (she is unaware of this as she cant hear me yelling at her through the TV – lucky for her!), because man does she WORK YOU in Hammer & Chisel and the 21 Day Fix/21Day Fix Extreme programs. She has effective programs but I personally found myself annoyed at her style sometimes, so I was a little ambivalent about signing on to do another program led by her after 2 straight rounds of Hammer & Chisel with her.

Well… lets just say it is a good thing I decide things for myself and don’t let preconceived notions get in my way, because its an AWESOME program and I actually find myself enjoying Autumn – she is a bit more relaxed and fun in this program (because its about dancing, duh!)

Here’s a short summation as to why I am digging this program so much:

  • The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. Coming off of Hammer and Chisel, where some of them were 54 minutes, 30 minutes is EASY PEASY. And let’s me sleep a bit later than 4:30!
  • It’s teaching me better rhythm and how to be more sensual and smooth with my body… I can tend to be sort of herky-jerky sometimes, much to my chagrin.
  • It’s not a lot of memorization…  I love Cize, but in the first couple times doing each routine, memorizing 8 moves in a sequence sometimes had me in a tizzy until I got the hang of it, so I really love Autumn’s pairing of just 2 moves at a time.
  • The supporting cast – she picked some FUN people to do this workout with her! Most people are captivated by “Cupcake” but there is a guy called Kenny who steals the show for me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He’s just smooth moves and having a blast, and I dig it.
  • The workouts fly by! I am still drenched at the end, yet I find myself amped and ready for more, whereas with most other programs I will be honest and confess I spend a lot of time watching the clock!

Have you been considering giving it a try?

when in doubt dance it out