Truthbomb Tuesday – Don’t Be A New You

Instead of making this a new year for a “new you”, let’s be clear – you DO NOT need a new version of you. What you need is to be the realest, and most authentic version of you.

And THAT means having the courage to OWN what YOU want out of YOUR life – not what anyone else wants. What YOU want.

It’s time to get clear on that, come as your authentic self, and make NO apologies about it.

Just be YOU.

Truthbomb Tuesday – You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

I have been a bit quieter because I have been dealing with some stuff, and much of it required my attention and focus, so it seemed best to just ease up a little and allow myself the space I needed.

That right there indicates my growth over the years – in the past, I would struggle mightily with stepping back from ANYTHING, and I would have just continued to run myself ragged. Isn’t it the best feeling when you REALIZE you can’t pour from an empty cup?

Truthbomb Tuesday – You Can’t Do This Alone

I had no choice, so I went all in after I was diagnosed with Diabetes.
I was stressed out. Terrified. Clueless as to where to begin. Lost… I had confidence in my ability to rise above, like I have with everything else, but I had no idea how any of this had happened.
So I just started EMBRACING…
I embraced cleaner eating.
I embraced moving my body – in whatever way – more days than not.
I embraced educating myself about foods (which really only made me want to learn more, and I am actively planning to go back to school for it!)
I embraced trying new things that could help – one of those being Shakeology (she of the former mindset “I don’t DO shakes”, haha).
I embraced the intense need to work on my mindset, which would in turn help everything (and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING) else.
I embraced the change.
And, probably one of the most important parts of this… I joined a community of ladies doing the same thing – we were, and are, down in the trenches together daily. And that’s been a game changer. Because of these groups… these ladies… these beacons of support…
I push through each day. Growing. Getting stronger. Going after what I want. Doing what I need to do to be the best possible version of ME.
I could have fallen victim to my circumstances, but I chose to rise above them. I am just a regular girl playing the hell out of the cards she was dealt – just like you, all I can do is show up and do my best.
But I will tell you one thing – you CANNOT do this alone. You NEED a tribe, a support network, a place to hold you accountable to the promises you made to yourself.
There IS strength in numbers.

Truthbomb Tuesday – No Secret

I can’t tell you what the secret to health is, because there IS no secret.
Everyone responds differently to different things. This is why it’s important to find a program/regimen/routine that works for YOU.
Because I can tell you what the secret is NOT – it is not sitting around WISHING health and wellness would fall in your lap. It’s WORKING for it; TOWARDS it, to the BEST of your ability.
That’s all I do. Consistently.
I am no different than you. I had to get myself into the habit, too. I have to work for it, too. I have to power through the tough days, too.
Decide you are worth it. Because you are.

Truthbomb Tuesday – Nutrition

I try to live by the “if your food can go bad, it’s good for you” rule – the stuff that can survive on shelves for months is not good for you!

When you nourish yourself and your body with real, whole foods, you get the natural energy from foods, not the sluggish, fatigued feeling.

Key takeaway here: nutrition is NOT about deprivation! Deprivation usually leads to desperation, and you know how ugly THAT can get! All things in moderation, guys!

Truthbomb Tuesday – Traveling

Mmm, yeah, this about sums it up! Part of why I am working so hard to grow my business and give myself financial freedom is so we can travel more – I envision traveling all over with my children, like I did with my parents!

So traveling may not always be free (though with my Coach business, the potential is there to earn free travel!), but by working hard and growing my income, it IS more affordable and much more possible (and, I am assuming, a lot more fun when you aren’t needing to put it on credit cards!)

Did you travel a lot as a child? Do you travel more as an adult?

Truthbomb Tuesday – Uninspired

Time for a truthbomb!

One of the biggest excuses people give is “I’m too tired”, and I get it. Life is exhausting; I feel you there!

But I don’t think it’s a matter of being TIRED… I think it is more a case of being UNINSPIRED. When you truly want something, it fuels that fire inside of you – you feel jazzed to get to work on it, you draw energy and inspiration from taking action.

Don’t work 8 hours at a job and then go home and NOT work on your OWN goals… if you truly want to achieve these things, you will take at least one step every day towards them, no matter how big or small said steps are.