Heading home!

I had a blast and my time in Michigan always goes by way too quickly, but my husband and this sweet face are waiting for me!

When you travel, as sad as you are for your getaway to end, do you look forward to getting home?



Who am I, and how can I LOVE a pair of SHOES?!

So, the shoes I brought here to Michigan/Indy haven’t been broken in, and the heel pushes into my ankle bone – not pleasant at all. So Sara and I made some pit stops on our way to Indy to get me some new shoes – apparently the Nike Pegasus’ are like clouds… so she said.

So I tried a pair… THEY ARE SO COMFY! I am a huge fan, no one is more surprised than I am!

Who would have thought that I, a VERY outspoken fan of NOT wearing sneakers, would be excited to get new kicks?! I know, I’m shocked too!

Oh and for those of you keeping score at home yep, they are kids size, and yep, they fits!