Thursday Thoughts – AED’s Save Lives

Never in my life have I been so scared for someone I don’t even know…

Yesterday, during my 5 hour flight from Vegas back towards the East coast, there was a medical emergency on board, barely halfway through the flight.

And before we found out what was happening, I was a little freaked out because tons of flight attendants rushing around on a plane, when you cannot hear everything, tends to incite a tiny bit of panic, and luckily the woman next to me picked up on my nerves and was helping me understand what was going on.

I’ll be honest – a medical emergency wasn’t my first thought.

The flight attendant made a call for any medical personnel and luckily there was a physicians assistant on board!

A woman three rows away from me was having a heart attack, while we were over “flyover” states. She was complaining of chest pains, upper arm pain, dizziness, an upset stomach and was sweaty and lethargic. (Before we knew what was actually happening, I did ask the PA if she needed insulin, as long a shot as it was.)

I’m sure at first, some people suspected she was hungover… an early morning flight out of a party locale like Vegas, it’s not a stretch, sadly.

But it quickly became apparent this was WAY more than a hangover.

They administered something intravenously and she regained consciousness – she had been drifting in and out.

Luckily our plane had an AED on board, and flight attendants were on the headset being advised what to do – it was determined it was in this woman’s best interests for us to continue towards Baltimore, as medical personnel getting to us based on our flight path if we had to divert was a longer shot (I’m paraphrasing this), so she was monitored steadily and the second we landed she was whisked away by the waiting EMT’s.

I hope that lady is okay – I thought of her a LOT last night, she looked so panicked and terrified (as would any of us!), and I was so scared for her – a heart attack anywhere is never ideal but I would imagine on a plane in the air is definitely a lot scarier.

AED’s save lives, bottom line. That lady was blessed this was a domestic flight, as they are not mandated on international flights, though I CANNOT imagine why.

It made me want to get trained to use one, should the need ever arise (is that just the mom-in-training kickin’ in?)

I hope she is okay and feeling better today. It freaked me out because I think we all have a conception as to what we think a heart attack looks like, and they DON’T always look like what we imagine. Silent heart attacks are a real concept!

Have you ever been on a flight with a medical emergency?

(Years ago, a plane pulling up to a fire truck would have sent me into a heavy panic attack – my fear of fire trucks, as silly as it sounds, was real. as. fuck.)

Thursday Thoughts – Health Issues Don’t Discriminate

Did you know that health issues don’t discriminate?

Like most other girls in the 30-40 year old range, I too thought Dylan was dreamy! I’m sad Luke lost his life at age 52…

But I see a lot of people commenting on his age and how he’s ‘too young’ to have died from a stroke/complications from a stroke, and while I understand the sentiment, again, health issues DO NOT discriminate.

They affect young and old, black and white, gay and straight, all religions, all political backgrounds, from all parts of the world, all professions, all income brackets… so on and so forth.

Health issues simply don’t discriminate.

And sometimes there is truly no rhyme or reason as to why we suffer health issues.

I know people who don’t really move their bodies, don’t really eat anything of nutritious value, fill their bodies with substances and alcohol, and yet have the paperwork to prove they are “healthy” across the board.

Similarly, I know people who do the majority of things right, and still can’t get into a health groove.

But all this is just one of many reasons why I work out. Why I try to make the majority of the food I eat nourishing and nutritious. Why I get acupuncture to help me heal and deal with stress. Why I drink water like tomorrow it could be outlawed.

Why I do EVERYTHING I do, and WHY I invite others to JOIN ME in making small changes that could make a BIG difference in their life.

It doesn’t mean we won’t face health issues, unfortunately. I mean, if only there was a guarantee, I’m pretty sure that’d propel a LOT of people into action, am I right?!

But there is something to be said for taking PROACTIVE measures. There is something to be said for LOVING yourself enough to want better for yourself. To care enough NOW.

How many of us would get our asses in gear NOW if we had a crystal ball that would predict health issues in our FUTURE?

In a perfect world, doing the majority of things right would set you up for a long life with no health issues or complications. But the world isn’t perfect and neither are we.

But every bit helps, so let us not strive for PERFECTION but rather, strive to empower ourselves to be BETTER than we were yesterday; to shine BRIGHTER than we ever have.

And if you need help and support in doing that? I got you. Truly, we are all in this together 💕


Thursday Thoughts – It takes STRENGTH to ask for help

She’s referring to depression, here. And she’s right! Talking to someone, asking for help, admitting you aren’t feeling happy or like yourself… NONE of these things are signs of weakness.

It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of strength to share what’s going on, to admit you aren’t happy and need help.

If YOU need someone to talk to, or just someone who will listen, I am always here. No judgment, just compassion and a friendly shoulder to lean on, because life is tough and we are all in this together.

You matter, your feelings matter, and your life matters 💕

Why do people spend so much time judging others? DO YOUR THING.

If you thought this was my new fave shirt… you’d be right!

Some people have enough time on their hands that they have to query why I do what I do with MY time, such as “why do you post what you wear everyday”, which landed in my insta messages today.

Short answer: because I can! 😉
Longer variant: because I can, and I’d like to think that since they motivate ME, maybe there’s someone else out there they motivate, and even if it’s just one person, that’s enough for me; I’m a helper and that’s what I like to do.

I can’t help everyone and I’ve never made claims to be able to… if only!

But today’s shirt brings a giggle and some Christmas cheer to myself, someone who’s found it hard to get into the holiday spirit in recent years.

What’s the harm? The answer is none!


Thursday Thoughts – Adapt


Today was my first workout since Monday. And also today I woke up at 5:44 AM; you know, by 5:44 AM I am practically finished with my workouts, normally. 😩

And while my body needed the two rest days due to being sick and fatigued, I really did not want to go THREE days without moving my body.

So since I was a little pressed for time (because we are verrrrry close to a deadline at work and I don’t want to be going in late), I chose the shortest remaining workout for this week, and I got it done!

Like everyone, I have had to learn to • A D A P T •, but truthfully… life really does become easier once you learn to adapt and •go with the flow•