This or That Thursday – Pizza or Pasta

It’s time for another reiteration of This or That Thursday!

Imagine you have to give up one — which would you rather give up, pizza, or pasta?

I can imagine your horrified expression, and I know you are thinking WHY WOULD YOU ASK SUCH A THING?!

I’m just curious… it’s fun to see which food has more fans (yes, I know they both have a lot. but one of them has to be more popular)

Where does YOUR vote fall?

This or That Thursday – Lists Edition

Which one do YOU prefer? I will admit that technology has some appealing aspects, and I do use the notepad on my phone for notes, and future ramblings (haha), but for my actual lists, 99.9 % of the time I choose…. good old pen and paper!

I freakin’ LOVE the feeling of taking pen to paper and crossing completed things off. I know some digital versions have that but it isn’t the same, to me!

Which do you prefer? Digital notesĀ or pen and paper?