Sunday Vibes – Balance is KEY

So when I post things like pics of lasagna, or last nights cheesy as eff au gratin, it usually gets me a private message or two from well meaning (I hope?!) people who ask if as a Diabetic, I should be eating that?

For me personally, I’m fine with indulgences like that because I go to great lengths to make the majority of my nutrition cleaner and healthier, so those treats are just that – treats.

They are the exception, not the rule.

I don’t believe in deprivation, I believe in LIVING life while we have a life to live, and YES, that includes things like cheesy potatoes and cinnamon rolls, too!

The rest of my life is balanced out enough between my nutrition and my fitness efforts that I don’t order a side of guilt when I indulge – I ENJOY it and recognize it as the TREAT it is.

Balance means different things for different people, but I love that so many people follow my journey!


Sunday Vibes – Caffeine

Coffee, you the REAL MVP today!

Ever had one of those mornings you wake up, and despite logging a solid 7 hours of sleep, you feel like you got none?

That’s where I am today, so if you need me you can catch me practically mainlining coffee 😉

Sunday Vibes – Follow Your Heart

Everybody has something that brings them joy, that fuels them. Something they feel passionately about, and so doing anything related to it doesn’t at all feel like work.

Entrepreneurs are simply people who have discovered what their passion is and have said “I need to keep doing this. I need to pursue this. It doesn’t matter if I make a red cent doing so, this is what makes my heart tick, my soul shine, my spirit smile”

My two biggest ones are CREATION and HELPING people. Do YOU have a passion for helping people? Curious to see if this is a fit for YOU? Let’s connect!

Follow your heart – it won’t lead you astray, promise!