Success Tip Saturday – Mistakes and Mishaps

The “bad”: mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen. No one manages to avoid them forever. It’s a necessary part of success.

But… the good: if you accept the inevitable, and accept that they will happen, you are a little better equipped to handle them, weaving them into your journey, instead of letting them unravel it.

Make it part of the journey, ride ’em out, and take a lesson from them!

Success Tip Saturday – Get Comfortable…

Let’s be real here: most of us do not LOVE feeling uncomfortable. It’s called a comfort zone for a « REASON »

But you and I both know that’s where all the magic is. That’s the path to success; peacing OUT of your comfort zone and leaping into the world of being COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Put it this way – you can have comfort, or you can have success – what are YOU choosing?

Success Tip Saturday – Find Your Passion

Passion is sometimes mistaken for simply liking what you do — and while that’s a key component — passion goes deeper than that.

For me, things I am passionate about fuel me, I feel energized, I find the time flew by, I am happy to be doing it (even if I am not getting paid)… passion goes deep. It opens my eyes up to how lucky I am to be doing XYZ. I get excited about the next time I can do it, whatever it is.

When you find your passion, the necessary, grueling hard work suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting!

Success Tip Saturday – Identify Your Hidden Strengths

Why is it the norm to point out and focus on WEAKNESSES? Sure, we need to identify them and work to strengthen them, but why do we not put enough focus on our STRENGTHS, and leading with those?!

List all your strengths, and why you enjoy doing them. And then, identify your hidden ones by looking at patterns or behaviors that overlap.

Focus more on what you can do and work towards getting better at what you can’t, but don’t gloss over your strengths!

Success Tip Saturday – Set Deadlines

Full disclosure: I am not very good with this one – I think because so often, life goes off track, I feel like a failure if it isn’t accomplished, so in some ways, it’s less crushing if there isn’t a set deadline.

But… without a deadline, you really have nothing to aim for. It doesn’t become really tangible, you don’t really become INVESTED in it.

So, a good balance is to set a deadline, and take small action steps to get there. By deadline, you may not be there, but you will be closer than if you hadn’t set a deadline and taken action. Extend the deadline and keep going – an extended deadline is better than never even beginning!


Success Tip Saturday – More Doing, Less Planning

Where are all my fellow planners at!? There is nothing wrong with planning… but you also have to be executing, and doing the work. You can plan and plan and plan til the cows come home, but without actually setting those plans into motion, you are gonna hit the wall, the dead end quickly.

In fact, my Beachbody business has taught me to adapt a bit more – I am still a planner by my very nature, but I am getting better at going with the flow, and executing, and leaning as I go instead of waiting for a plan to be perfect before I begin to execute.

Make sure you are focusing more on putting in the work – executing – and less on planning!

Success Tip Saturday – Notebook

Wanna know a secret? At any given time I have a notebook with me. Sometimes its my big one, sometimes its a littler one, but I always have something I can  jot an idea, a note, a “must do” item down on – inspiration tends to strike at the most random of times (my caveat here is that many of MINE tend to come to me while I am driving, thus unable to write them down, so I repeat it to myself in the hopes I will remember to write it down once I have parked!)

A blank notebook becomes a suggestion box for your brain, opening you up to new ideas, thoughts, concepts… you never know what will make it’s way in there!

(note: I realize that in today’s digital age, the Notepad on our phones is more convenient – I also use this sometimes, but personally, I LOVE writing, and I love putting pen to paper. The premise remains the same – when a thought occurs, note it down, however you choose to do it!)

So tell me, are you a digital or an old fashioned pen to paper fan?