Soul Care Sunday – Ladies Day at the Winery

Thank you to the wonderful souls who kept us company today – my own soul needed that kind of judgment-free, welcomed distraction, and I’m reminded once again that no matter how tough life gets, there are always people who care and are there and will be a source of love and laughter.

It’s always humbling to look at how many awesome people we have in our corner and to remind ourselves how blessed we are! We appreciate all of you!

πŸ’• the best wines are the ones we drink with friends (loved this Kari!) πŸ’•

Soul Care Sunday – Golfing

Soooo someone caught the golf bug last weekend!

Dave and I hit the range today and this right here is THE ONE time my backswing was proper… I fell shy every other time, so it looks like I know what I gotta work on! 😊

As far as actually connecting with the ball, not a terrible base to build off of but the horrendous backswing needs work!

Felt great to get out there, soak in some Vitamin D and fresh air, move my body, and find something new I enjoy doing! It was soul-soothing – I totally get why people want to spend all their free time golfing!

Do you golf?

Soul Care Sunday – Prepping Together

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t show my gratitude and appreciation for this guy right here, for just being him and being amazing every day, but also today he spent hours helping me food prep for my next adventure that begins tomorrow – the Ultimate Reset!

Some people have spouses they need to beg to help them, I have one that steps in voluntarily to help me, to support me (and let’s be honest – to check me and keep me from being completely overwhelmed!) and I am SUPER lucky to have that and I know it! Thank you babe – love you!

I am prepped, packed, and ready to take on the Challenge – yes, I am a little nervous (but that’s normal!) but I am EXCITED and empowered, because I KNOW this is what my internal system NEEDS!

Does your spouse help with meal prep?