Self Love Saturday – Pre Natal Massage

Today I treated myself to a prenatal massage and ohhhhhh my goodness, was that so necessary and felt so amazing!

When you have a baby coming, instinct probably tells you to save all the coin you can, but honestly, pregnancy is HARD on a body and a little TLC/pampering is absolutely worth it (and you deserve it!)

Did you get a prenatal massage when you were pregnant?

Self Love Saturday – It’s Been A While Since…

The answer to this mornings query (“I am doing something today I haven’t done in 15 years… any ideas?”) was… actually letting my stylist do more than just cut my hair!

She added some “babylights” after a 15 year hiatus from letting anyone do anything colorwise to my hair, because 15 years ago I had a really bad experience with someone dying my hair pitch black (I had asked for my dirty blonde hair to be dyed chocolate brown…) and it took a lot of time, money and energy to fix it, managed to begin the destruction of a friendship, looked absolutely atrocious, and ruined my hair for a while (I was losing clumps left and right), so it’s been a LONG TIME since I was comfortable doing anything, but my current stylist did a fantastic job and I love it!

My hair has been super healthy for years now and I was VERY hesitant to do anything that might change that, but it was time for a little change (and because she did it properly, it won’t affect the health of my locks!) 😊

Do you do anything to your hair? Have you ever had a bad hair experience?

Self Love Saturday – Gentle Movement

During my Reset, I have been doing gentle movement every couple of days to keep myself loose, but also enjoying the break from 6 days on, to let my body rest and work from the inside. I thought it would be a struggle, and some days it is a struggle to not lift, but it’s been nice to take it a little slower, too.

Today I did some Yoga and that felt pretty good! Of course, I did it via live Zoom with my best gal, my success partner – she in Michigan, myself in Rhode Island, because it doesn’t matter how far apart we are, we make it work!

Felt good to stretch and get some movement in!

Self Love Saturday – Kara Does The Ultimate Reset!

Spent my Friday night finalizing my shopping list for my next adventure starting Monday – the Ultimate Reset!

Real talk here: I’ve avoided doing this for 4 ( four! ) years because it TERRIFIED me. I knew all the benefits and how wonderful people felt, but all I managed to focus on was that I was gonna have to give up cheese (no seriously, that’s one of the hardest parts for me!) instead of embracing what it could do for me and how it could help me – mind, body AND soul.

So it’s time! It will be a challenge but when have we ever seen me back down from those?!

My body needs this.
My body deserves this.

I’m ready to conquer something that’s held me back for YEARS, I hope you’ll tune into my journey!