Movement Monday – Humbled.

I’m not good with being humbled.

When I know my capabilities, but fall VERY short of them due to being winded so easily due to a developing illness, it’s frustrating.

The good news is I have grown and I’m willing to see a doc to find out if it’s the beginning of a bad cold or upper respiratory infection, or something. The old me would just ignore it and hope it goes away, be frustrated when it doesn’t AND likely miss a bunch of fun stuff because I wasn’t proactive.

With so much happening in the next few weeks including travel, I ain’t got time to hope it goes away!

And yes, basically, I only ever get sick in December 😝

Movement Monday – Stretch and Release from 80 Day Obsession

You wanna know something?

It’s kinda tough to go from intense workouts 6 days a week to 3 weeks of no workouts, only gentle movement.
So I had said I was gonna see how I felt when I wake up as to whether or not I “sleep in” or get up and move…
Well I mean its Monday and thats a really difficult day for me to do nothing, so I did Stretch and Release (from the program I just finished!) and look who joined me for some stretching (my babe LOVES her a good stretch!)
It felt good to S T R E T C H!
What’s your movement today? It doesn’t have to be intense to be beneficial!