Monday Musings – Stop exercising if…

Thats right. I am actually telling you to STOP exercising… but it comes with conditions!

Let me explain… for some people, a gym, or an at-home DVD program is not the way to go. Some people prefer mountain biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking…there are millions of ways to move your body.

It’s okay if a gym or a DVD is not for you – if you are doing them out of force or obligation, STOP! Life is too short to do something you don’t like, out of obligation or for any other unpure reason.

Now, I am not saying this is an excuse to become a couch potato with no physical activity – not at all!

I AM saying, find what works for you. Find what you enjoy doing, and do more of that. You will find that when you enjoy doing something, even if it’s super physically challenging, it doesn’t FEEL as challenging to do, because you enjoy it!

Stop exercising if

Go find something you like to do. Do it often!

Monday Musings – Thanks

Yep, that’s how I feel. I used to hate Mondays. They signified the weekend was over, and the workweek was just beginning. Of course, this was back BEFORE time started flying by and workweeks seemed more like workmonths.

It’s different ever since I became part of a fit-fam.. now I look forward to Mondays, it is the ONE day I refuse to skip a workout. Monday sets the tone for the whole week, and its important to start it off on a good note!

So thank you, Monday 🙂

Monday Musings – Feelings

Monday’s CAN be a little crazy, I will admit it. Sometimes feelings can manifest themselves in a deep, dark way, and suddenly spill out all over the place. Lately this has happened to me a few times (mostly wedding-related), and while I find myself coping, I also find myself allowing myself to feel a sliver of frustration that I am letting these feelings, and this stress get to me. I know, it’s weird; I’m ADDING to the stress by stressing about the dang stress! Is that not insanity?!

I think my best course of action is to let myself feel them, and then just keep on truckin’, rather than beating myself up for letting something stressful actually stress me out. I mean I know, the audacity of me, right?!

I am often my own biggest critic, and that’s just detrimental to my health. It’s one thing to be constructively critical, but it’s another to get upset with yourself for allowing yourself to feel.

No more. While I can’t stop myself from stressing, I would be better off just continuing to deal with things the best way I know how rather than wasting precious energy criticizing myself for how I cope.

Duh, Kara!


Monday Musings – Grilling Edition

I need to grill. We haven’t done it enough since winter ended (and I assure you, winter in New England was beyond harsh this year – my fiancé is not above braving the cold weather to grill, but our grill was basically buried under 4+ feet of snow, so we couldn’t even.) Grilling is my favorite. There is some kinda peaceful feeling associated with it, for me. I can’t explain it. I just know I need to see some meat and some veggies on my grill, soon, preferably today (if the weather holds out til dinner time!)

Oh and by the way…

Do you grill a lot? In the spring/summer/fall, we definitely grill out a lot 🙂