Happy MonSlay!

Happy MonSlay!

Nope, I didn’t always love Monday’s, and I sure as shit didn’t always wake up ready to slay, to set the badass tone for the week…

But something happens when you CHANGE your mindset from “waaaaah, the weekend is over?!” (sidenote: I DO still sometimes feel that way simply because I LOVE having more time to spend with friends, family and my pup!) to “Okay, it’s a new week, it doesn’t matter what did or didn’t happen last week, let’s focus on THIS week and making it count!” – when you make that shift, Monday becomes this platform, this canvas for all sorts of badassery!

So get to it! Who’s slayin’ today?

Mindset Monday – Worthwhile

Real talk here, cause even though it’s not Tuesday, truthbombs don’t discriminate. If you are looking for something meaningful that won’t come with obstacles or frustrations, you are gonna be looking for a loooooong time.

The worthwhile stuff lies on the other side of the obstacles – the obstacles are simply life’s way of weeding out the people who don’t really want x y and z (and that ain’t you, right?!)

Get your mind right – remind yourself you can do hard things, and then go fucking do them!

Mindset Monday – I Can Do Hard Things

So today’s workout was a doozy – there weren’t any moves I couldn’t handle, but the pace had me all thrown off. I honestly did feel myself getting frustrated but I stopped myself, took a second to BREATHE, reminded myself I can do hard things, and kept going.

It wasn’t • pretty •, but oftentimes, workouts aren’t, and I was a HOT. MESS. (let’s be fuckin’ honest here, if you still look perfect after a workout, you didn’t work hard enough!)

What matters is it’s {{d o n e!}}

Mindset Monday – Change Your Life

Sick of where you are in life? Want more, want better, want change? First, you have to change YOURSELF , and to do THAT, you need to change your MINDSET.

Hands down, your mindset is your biggest OBSTACLE, but also your greatest ASSET, when its one of POSITIVITY, not negativity.

Having a positive, growth mindset is the secret to changing your life… successful people, people who change their lives around, they are OPEN to new approaches and are WILLING to experiment with new solutions. They don’t box themselves in, they stay open to the possibility that if they want something bad enough, there IS a way, they just have to FAIL FORWARD until they discover it.

If you can get your mindset right, it will greatly help everything else – I speak from a lot of experience here!

Mindset Monday

Having been working extensively on my negative mindset for almost a year now, it’s interesting to reflect.

On the one hand, I have come pretty far, and it has paid off greatly in so many different areas of life – I am now a firm believer that mindset really is the biggest piece of any puzzle. I see how much easier life is with a positive outlook and a firm belief in my ability to get through whatever life throws at me.

On the other hand, becoming so aware of mindset heightens my awareness of how negative other people (and this world in general) can sometimes be, and it can be quite a battle not to fall down that rabbit hole.

I am still a work in progress, which is why this is such a battle – as hard as I work, it is sometimes so easy to fall back into old habits!

It is worth the battle though, because truly, shifting my way to a more positive mindset is one of the greatest projects I have ever taken on!

Mindset Monday – Closure


Do you need some? Is it the missing piece of the puzzle for you?

Recently, I did. I had tried everything else, except seeking closure. And I didn’t get it to the degree I would have liked it because some people just don’t have what you need, but I had to be okay with that. I had to accept what I did get, let it go, and stop punishing myself by continuing on this vicious cycle.

If you need closure, you can try to get it. It may not be to your liking, but you have to be okay with that. Know that you tried. Know you did your best. Know you made an effort. Effort matters!

Brad has a great Tapping video on Closure, so I thought I would share!