Diabetic Life – Insurance Companies…

When an insulin pen that typically lasts 10-12 days has to last 15 because insurance companies like to go on power trips…


Your AWESOME diabetic team basically calls em up and gets it all situated for you, saying under no circumstances should ANY diabetic, much less one 36 weeks pregnant (thus battling some pretty raging hormones, if you catch my drift…) be “rationing” their remaining insulin, so you go in and happily pick up your supply a few days later, instead of needing to ration your insulin.

There’s a lot that can be said here but rather than get into the fuckery of insurance and their red tape/regulations, I’m choosing to focus on the power of COMMUNICATION. By communicating my situation to my team, they were able to advocate and find a solution for me, happily, as that is their job and what they are paid to do. They wield more power than we the consumers do, so let them help!

Do not “suffer in silence” – speak up and let someone help you; there is always a way!

Diabetic Life!

This goof kept me company for some of my workout, which started off rough due to a headache and low sugars, so she sat me down, told me to eat a banana and let it work it’s magic, and then get to it when I was ready.

I do not always love the “waiting period”, but it’s important to not begin an intense workout on low blood sugars – to do so would be silly and irresponsible, and while I have my flaws, I would like to think that I have become a responsible person who puts my health first over my pride and ego (or at least, it is a work in progress!)

Coach Roxy is all business, and she does her coaching from the comfort of the couch! 

I love her so much, sometimes I honestly feel she senses when Mama needs some help/company and stays with me… of course, it could just be that she’s a female dog who does what she wants, but in my Mama heart, I feel like she just knows…

Diabetic Life – Switching to Type 1 Treatment

The saga continues…

Bloodwork today has me down to 6.8 from 7.3 in May, which is good. We have no idea what’s making the difference, but I mean, I’ll take it…

But starting now, we are treating my Diabetes as Type 1, not Type 2 as we have been for the last 8+ years.

Which means more needles. 😩

But Type 1 would make a LOT more sense, so while I do not at all LOVE the idea of needing to inject insulin into my body daily, I am opting to do so because doing everything right and not only seeing no progress but seeing things get WORSE is one of the most FRUSTRATING things I have ever experienced, so much so that I will VOLUNTARILY inject myself every single day if it means it will help me get back to controlled Diabetes instead of spinning my wheels.

I’m a lot of things, but a fan of “hamster-wheeling” isn’t one of ‘em!

So I’ll go back in a month to see if this new path of treatment is helping and we will reassess then, but I actually already feel a lot better knowing it’s likely not something I’m doing or not doing/consuming or not consuming that was contributing to such disastrous health results.

Fingers crossed this sets me on the proper path 💕

Thursday Thoughts – Defeating Feelings

That awful, all encompassing feeling of DEFEAT…

And bear with me here… y’all know that’s not my default setting, but in all honesty, today has been one of THE most defeating days I’ve had in the 8+ years I’ve been riding this roller coaster called Diabetes.

And I know – I totally know – that things aren’t just about a number, but the one I got today hit me in all the raw, vulnerable spots, and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t say honestly that my A1c bloodwork today hurt my heart and took a little wind out of my sails. Actually, all the wind out of my sails.

My last bloodwork the end of 2017 had me at 7.5 and I knew some of that was as a result of the emotional trauma associated with things that were happening at that time in my life, because we all know stress management plays a HUGE role in Diabetes, but today…

Today, after 7 months of hard work healing and being gentle with myself, after months of workouts and mostly sensible eating, and after 3 strong weeks of a full body cleanse, I expected all of those efforts would help normalize my numbers.

In my head, I knew all of these efforts are fantastic and were helping my numbers go down, it was just a matter of how much they’d go down… right?

So when today’s numbers not only weren’t down, but were UP, I lost it. I fought like hell to keep the tears from coming, but they flew down my cheeks as I sat begging my doctor to tell me what else I could possibly DO. And then I sobbed post appointment as I sat in my car trying to gather my composure. And I’ve cried on and off all day.

And while I’m NOT defeated, I do feel that way at this current moment.

And so I’m allowing myself my pity party today and tomorrow I’ll get back to fighting the good fight, but man, I want answers and to feel like my efforts are MATTERING, because for them to have seemingly NO bearing on my health is truly painful.

So to start, I’m armed with some new hardware for two weeks that should hopefully (you’ll understand if I’m too scared to get my hopes up, right?) provide us with some answers and give me a course of action.

I’m fit; I workout. I don’t eat perfectly, but we are sensible and strike a great balance. I chug water like it’s my job, I Tap and receive acupuncture to manage my stress and emotions, I rarely drink, and I still take meds, so in all honesty yes, I am frustrated.

I feel defeated; discouraged. It won’t cause me to give up on myself, but I would love some answers as to why my numbers reflect that of someone making NO effort.

Positive vibes welcomed