World Diabetes Day – We Are All In This Together

In my world, this is every day.

But especially today, let’s bring awareness. Let’s educate. Let’s pass less judgment, and offer more help.

Let’s be proud of every step on the journey. Let’s be gentle with ourselves, and our fellow Diabetics.

Let’s do more research, raise more funds, make accoutrements more accessible, and lead by example.

We are all in this together.

World Diabetes Day

Did you know that today is World Diabetes Day? I didn’t until I was diagnosed years ago – before then, I am embarassed to admit, I was blissfully unaware there was such a day, and a need for such a day. Of course, I was aware Diabetes exists, but I wasn’t aware of the complications and challenges and frustrations that came along with it, or just how many people are Diabetic. Again, blissfully unaware.

They say you can’t go back in time and do things over, so I choose to focus not on the years I spent being blissfully ignorant about Diabetes, but instead focusing my energies and efforts on educating myself now and in the future, and doing what I can every day to help myself, and help others.

I apologize for not taking a stand much sooner – I really wish I would have been more aware and proactive.

Bottom line is, we need a cure. A cure that is accessible to all income levels, and all walks of life. This requires raising continued awareness, raising funds, and a whole host of other things – but we can do this!

There is strength in numbers, and the number of Diabetics is astounding! Let’s band together and make it so these numbers don’t grow.

What will you do today to raise awareness?

World Diabetes Day - Find a Cure with Sock Monkey

If nothing else, just be there for someone who’s suffering from this silent but sometimes deadly condition – I have said this many times before and I stand by it – having people who show compassion and remind me how strong I am not to give in to this condition, having people who relate and are just there to listen makes a HUGE difference. You can be that light for someone. So will you?