Tuesday Oops – Forgot My Insulin at Home!

When you get all the way to work and realize you forgot your insulin and glucose tester at home, 35 minutes away… 🙄

And no, skipping a day of insulin and testing is not a viable option, as my levels would be high for a sustained amount of time and that puts both baby and I at risk.

So back home we came for them… and I was doing SO WELL not forgetting that crucial little component of my wellness!

Ohh, Tuesday…



Tuesday and I am sick…

I’m not good with being sick. There’s always things to be done and I’m the worst with just taking time to rest so I can get better.

It took everything in me not to get up and get my sweat on, but I know that’s not what my body needs right now, and while it’s definitely a struggle to be out of my normal routine, I’m grateful I can RECOGNIZE when my body needs the rest and HONOR that.

I didn’t always listen to my body.

So today I am. My wonderful husband made me tea with lemon and honey, and I’m taking it easier today so I can get back to my normal productive life as soon as possible!

I don’t get sick often but when I do I get knocked down hard!

Summit Superworkout!

One of my fave parts of Summit – the SuperWorkout!

A major street shut down and then occupied by 20,000 people sharing in the groove, ready to sweat for it?


It’s so powerful. It’s the last day, we are all exhausted, but the energy is insane – you can’t help BUT feel energized and rejuvenated!

We work out with 7 of the super trainers and they get us all fired up!

We were very close to the front and had an awesome view, very cool experience!

Why aren’t you here getting your sweat on with us?! We are doing it again in July 2019 – you in?



That’s what I have been doing lately, at least nutritionally (and if I am being honest, in many other aspects of life, too…)

But nutritionally I have definitely been throwing WAY too much caution to the wind and not only am I feeling as such within my emotions, my body is feeling the effects too.

It started with birthday cake (what, I shared!) and then leftover birthday cake, and it just sent me into a tailspin – much more alcoholic beverages, much more candy (something I actually hadn’t had too much of in 2018!), just a lot more choices that haven’t nourished me.

The good news? It’s Monday and I am ready to get back on track towards making such indulgences the exception, not the rule!

Like anyone else, I have my moments of veering waaaay off track – but I have also righted my own ship many a time, so I know I can do this! 😊

Do you ever struggle nutritionally?

Shakeology Super Sampler

Amazing superfood nutrition - a sweet deal for you and your customers

Have you ever wanted to try Shakeology but wasn’t sure which flavor to try? Well, now its easier! Just this week, Beachbody rolled out the Shakeology Super Sampler, in honor of Shakeology’s 6th birthday! You will be able to sample all 6 flavors and experience the benefits of drinking Shakeology daily. This is perfect to help you decide which Shakeology flavor is your favorite!

Want to give the Super Sampler a try? Shoot me a message, and we can get you started!

It’s official….

Studies shows us that working out is one of the best ways to boost your mood and lower your stress level. As anyone with diabetes, or a diabetic family member knows, stress is a HUGE factor for diabetes.

Good, heart pumping exercise triggers the release of brain chemicals that just make us feel better. So today, plan a workout that’s not work. There are hundreds of forms of exercise – everyone should be able to find one they enjoy!

If you live in a warmer climate, enjoy yourself with a bike ride through an area with pretty scenery, or a power walk with a good friend to catch up, or grab a paddle-board if being on the open ocean is your thing (my love of the ocean is indescribable).

If you live in a climate that is currently about 5° (but feels like -20°!) like myself, if outdoor exercise is your thing, hit up an outdoor (or indoor!) ice rink, hit the slopes, bundle up and go for a long walk. If it’s to cold out to exercise outdoors where you live, there are always a lot of different classes at gyms, or studios.

Beachbody offers several awesome workout programs, many of which I have (and have tried!) myself. If you would like to try one, I would love to helo you figure out what is best for your needs!

But no matter what you do, DO SOMETHING ACTIVE. Your mind and your body will love you for it.