Balanced Living – Balance in all things

We spent the whole weekend at the pool which means I ate all the things… all of ‘em!

Some healthy, some not as healthy… that’s balance.

But what I love about my attitude towards food is that I don’t punish or berate myself for enjoying things that might not be high on the “good for me” list, because I know I will bounce right back and actually crave/enjoy things that ARE good for me. By embracing this balance, I eliminate that awful feeling of guilt, which I’m sorry, is not a flavor I am fond of 😉

After eating all the things this weekend, my body craves fresh veggies and so, that’s what my body gets – spinach topped with veggies.


Did you find the balance between nutrient-dense foods and treats during your pregnancy?

Emotional eaters, rejoice! Help is on the way!

Any emotional eaters out there? Maybe you let food dictate your lifestyle? Maybe you can’t control your intake? Maybe you start off with honorable intentions but before you know it, you are in a downward spiral?

Do you drown your emotions in a plate of nachos, or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Do you eat out of boredom? Do you restrict certain foods, labeling them “bad”? Do you feel like you are chained to a negative mindset around food?


Food is to NOURISH us. To fuel us. Food is meant to be ENJOYED >> not used as a punishment or a crutch to blanket your emotional state with.

I get it… I am an emotional eater to my CORE. As a Diabetic, that’s not ideal, to say the least.

But FINALLY… a program that will focus on the “why” not the how, and will also focus on IDENTIFYING the TRIGGERS that make it hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It will help you SHIFT your MINDSET; no more EMOTIONAL eating, no more MINDLESS snacking, and no more PUNISHING yourself for eating food you LOVE.

You guys KNOW how big I am on MINDSET!

Instead of “diets” that focus on what you CAN’T eat, this simple and easy approach will have you focused on what you CAN eat so you feel full, satisfied, and in control, without ever counting calories or points or measuring food.

Ready to change your {{ MINDSET }} surrounding food? Interested in learning more? Let’s chat! You can check things out here!

Sunday Reflection!

The morning after St Patrick’s Day? A good day to reflect, yeah?

Years prior, I would drink all night and then naturally, feel awful the next day – haven’t we all been there?!

Last night was different – I am in the middle of a program that calls for no alcohol (and no corned beef!) but I made the conscious decision to enjoy a few and keep it at that. And that’s what I did. We hit up 3 bars and I had 3 beers, I declined countless (free!) shots, and all the other stuff, and I feel good about it.

And I woke up feeling fine, no headache, no regrets, no wondering what the heck I did last night or how much money I spent… it’s nice.

For me, it shows that if you really want to, you can strike the balance, but you have to be willing to hold yourself to the promises/limits you set before you started drinking – you can’t really expect anyone else to keep you in line, it has to be YOU.

But, it’s doable. Balance is achievable!

Oh and I AM gonna have that corned beef later on