Adventures in Pregnancy – They Can’t All Be Good Days…

Today has just been one of those days where pregnancy kicks my ass.

I’m blessed this isn’t the norm, and grateful I have a husband who can prepare the slightly indulgent dinner my heart desires (WITHOUT judging me 😉)… tomorrow is a new day!

Did you have an easy pregnancy?


Adventures in Pregnancy – Baby Shower Blessings!

I honestly don’t even have the proper words… I’ve been trying to think about how I could sum today up for hours now and yet nothing seems SUFFICIENT enough to do it the JUSTICE it deserves, so all I will say is thank you to everyone who came, or sent gifts/love/well wishes, offered advice, etc…

We are just so beyond grateful to be surrounded by so many people who already love this baby just as much as Dave and I do!

It took several trucks, and the baby’s room is full of stuff… but we won’t be wanting for anything, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Also, special thanks to my mom Linda, my sister Lisa and my best girl Liana for throwing Baby Aguiar an adorable shower right up his or her alley!


Adventures in Pregnancy – First experience with heartburn…

So last night I had my first experience with pregnancy heartburn, and I’m here to tell you, I could do without experiencing THAT again.

It was not. at. all. like what my perception of heartburn is, which had me completely unsure of what exactly was happening, I just knew that if I wanted to (barely!) be able to breathe, I had to be sitting completely upright, or else it was nonstop gasping to breath, and frankly, as someone who enjoys oxygen and being able to breath, that was no good.

Baby was ridiculously active yesterday and it’s possible he or she stirred something up… and then was as quiet as a lamb for a long time, which naturally, had me a little freaked when I didn’t know exactly what was happening to me (we ended up calling the ob gyn because I was so scared and uncomfortable I couldn’t keep myself from crying, and my ob gyn has always told me never hesitate to reach out if something seems off or amiss!), and it wasn’t til baby started moving again that I started to feel better mentally and emotionally (which in all honesty, was worse than any physical pain 😔)

I know some moms who experienced heartburn their entire pregnancy and my heart and hat goes off to you, because one bout of that was ENOUGH for this chick!

Did you have heartburn at all during pregnancy? What helped you? My doc has okay’d me taking Zantac and my hero husband ran out late last night to get me some and man, for someone who hates taking medication, I was so beyond grateful!

Adventures in Pregnancy – Growth Check

Growth check today… heartbeat still strong at 143, estimated baby size is 2lbs and 6 oz… that sounded big for me at 27 weeks, but I’ve since been told it’s normal range! Baby’s developing well, still very active, but already over the pics and didn’t cooperate for any today 🤣

Oh kiddo, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet 😇

How big was your baby when they arrived?

Adventures in Pregnancy – Anxiety…

Alright moms and dads!

Tell me, at what point did you start to feel some anxiety kick in, and what helped you feel a little less anxious? I’ve been cruising, but the last week or so I have definitely felt some anxious moments (it’s also entirely possible the current fuckery regarding women’s rights has something to do with it!)

(PLEASE NOTE: I consider this COMPLETELY normal; it is NOT a panic about my ability/inability to navigate parenthood – with something as life changing as becoming a parent, I’d be more concerned if I WASN’T feeling a little anxiety!)

Adventures in Pregnancy – 24 weeks!?


I blinked and I went from {{ impatiently! }} waiting to reach 12 weeks and being able to finally share the news to being 6. months. pregnant?!

How does that happen?! Where did that time go?!

Pregnancy has been one of the weirdest examples of how something can go so. dang. fast (because you have sooo much to do!) but also so. dang. slow (because you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever and you cannot wait to meet your little one!)

Here is a 6 month bumpie; I am still feeling pretty good, other than pretty persistent low back pain. But overall, pretty grateful for how well my body has handled what’s being asked of it 💕

Adventures in Pregnancy – 23 weeks!

I’m just gonna be blunt and say it: being sick while pregnant is an entirely different ballgame and it sucks!

Day 3 of my sinus infection… which means day 3 of my program and day two of a workout hiatus…

Full disclosure: yes, for a little bit, it bothered me to go back on a commitment I made to/with several of the ladies in my challenge group.

But I quickly reframed it to I’m pausing THAT commitment til it’s safe to continue it in order to stay true to the BIGGER commitment I have right now, which is continuing to safely grow and nurture this little being! And ALL of the ladies understand, of course.

Right now I need the rest. Since I’ve had some extreme dizzy bouts, I need to be resting and keeping myself safe. I need to be able to breath (getting better but still a battle at times) and since being sick tends to send my blood sugars skyrocketing, I need to get better so I can get back to my normal routines and things being controlled.

So for now my focus is on just that – getting better and riding out the remaining 15 weeks (!) of my pregnancy as safely as possible, not pushing myself and setting myself back.

Did you get sick at all during your pregnancy? I’ve had a cold/strep throat and now a sinus infection and they have all handed my ass to me!

Adventures in Pregnancy – 22 Weeks!

Oh sunshine, I have missed you so much… please never go so long without showing your face again! We had only had 1 day of sunshine in almost 3 weeks, and it was grating on me! I need my Vitamin D!

Since today is nice and not rainy, and I managed to get myself out of bed and do my stuff timely, I had a few extra minutes to go breathe in some fresh air and soak in some much needed vitamin D and goodness did they both feel so good!

Like most humans, I dig sunshine and fresh air (and good views don’t hurt!) 😉

So, my 22 week BUMPIE and I enjoyed it all ❤