Adventures in Pregnancy – First experience with heartburn…

So last night I had my first experience with pregnancy heartburn, and I’m here to tell you, I could do without experiencing THAT again.

It was not. at. all. like what my perception of heartburn is, which had me completely unsure of what exactly was happening, I just knew that if I wanted to (barely!) be able to breathe, I had to be sitting completely upright, or else it was nonstop gasping to breath, and frankly, as someone who enjoys oxygen and being able to breath, that was no good.

Baby was ridiculously active yesterday and it’s possible he or she stirred something up… and then was as quiet as a lamb for a long time, which naturally, had me a little freaked when I didn’t know exactly what was happening to me (we ended up calling the ob gyn because I was so scared and uncomfortable I couldn’t keep myself from crying, and my ob gyn has always told me never hesitate to reach out if something seems off or amiss!), and it wasn’t til baby started moving again that I started to feel better mentally and emotionally (which in all honesty, was worse than any physical pain 😔)

I know some moms who experienced heartburn their entire pregnancy and my heart and hat goes off to you, because one bout of that was ENOUGH for this chick!

Did you have heartburn at all during pregnancy? What helped you? My doc has okay’d me taking Zantac and my hero husband ran out late last night to get me some and man, for someone who hates taking medication, I was so beyond grateful!

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