Wednesday Wisdom – With Brave Wings, She Flies

“I could never do what you do!”

I get this message way more than I’d like and it makes me sad… and my response varies, but it’s usually along the lines of “have you even tried?” or “not with that attitude!” because here’s the thing…

I had those same limiting thoughts. I thought I couldn’t do the things too. In fact, 5 years ago I almost said no to Rebecca’s challenge group invite because I was convinced I couldn’t do it due to lingering injuries.

And some things I couldn’t (and some things I still can’t!) do…

…but the difference is I was willing to •try•
I was willing to •fail•
I was willing to •modify•

I was willing to check those limiting beliefs at the door and see what I’m capable of when my MIND and my BELIEF IN MY SELF are in the drivers seat.

I was willing to go in open minded, instead of weighed down by the baggage of what I might not be able to do.

And with that shift came a lot of power. I no longer watch new programs come out and think “I could never do that”, instead I start at Day 1 and I build. And fail. And modify. It’s not always pretty…

But it starts with being brave enough to TRY. You can’t FLY if you don’t TRY.



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