What The Eff Wednesday – Some Runs Suck

Some runs just suck. I’m just keeping it real.

Luckily, not the majority.

But some do. And today was one. I woke when it got light out and hit the roads, not realizing til too late the thick, strangulating air that’s been my biggest nemesis this summer was baaack.

And it wrecked me. 😩

Most who know me know my penchant for even, rounded figures, and I’m known to lap up and down my short side street in order to get my run to full miles… but today that last .19 wasn’t in me.

It was the first run where I actually questioned if I was gonna get sick so I opted to just get myself hope and call it a day.

Because we can’t be badasses every day… we need some humbling days to balance us out and remind us the good days far outnumber the bad ones 😉

And here we have what I call my “whatthefuckjusthappened” face…

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