Self Love Saturday – It’s Been A While Since…

The answer to this mornings query (“I am doing something today I haven’t done in 15 years… any ideas?”) was… actually letting my stylist do more than just cut my hair!

She added some “babylights” after a 15 year hiatus from letting anyone do anything colorwise to my hair, because 15 years ago I had a really bad experience with someone dying my hair pitch black (I had asked for my dirty blonde hair to be dyed chocolate brown…) and it took a lot of time, money and energy to fix it, managed to begin the destruction of a friendship, looked absolutely atrocious, and ruined my hair for a while (I was losing clumps left and right), so it’s been a LONG TIME since I was comfortable doing anything, but my current stylist did a fantastic job and I love it!

My hair has been super healthy for years now and I was VERY hesitant to do anything that might change that, but it was time for a little change (and because she did it properly, it won’t affect the health of my locks!) 😊

Do you do anything to your hair? Have you ever had a bad hair experience?

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