Saturday Fun!

Today seems as good a day as any to bid farewell to the Jetta that’s gotten me through the last 8 years (and heard a LOT of baaaad singin’ 😉) and trade it in for a Jeep – a car I’ve wanted since I was barely a teenager!

Brace yourself Jeep, we’re gonna go on a LOT of adventures together (and you too will hear LOTS of bad singin’!)

Cool thing is I did this all by myself – I was nervous at first but then I came into my confidence, and I got very lucky that my salesman Rob was super awesome, and he actually wanted me to be happy with my purchase, and was really patient with my quadrillion questions (y’all know I love me some questions!) and took the time to write things out to be sure I was getting anything important (with a purchase that large and poorly functioning ears, I especially appreciated that he voluntarily went the extra mile for me!)

Grateful for his help, and I’m excited about my new wheels!

Beep beep!

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