Fuck Yeah Friday – Program Completion Swag!

If I may be a materialistic person here for a sec… I LOVE these shirts we get for completing a Beachbody program!

I love a tangible reminder of the tears, the sweat, the effort, the grind, the highs AND the lows. I just love it.

It’s a nice little prize in addition to the FEELING of accomplishment, of knowing no matter how many times you may have wanted to quit and throw in the towel (guilty…) because something is HARD, you didn’t quit, you kept going and you completed it.

I have said many times how the timing of this programs release was absolute perfection for where I was in my life, and I am especially so grateful to this program for lifting me out of a serious depression, showing me what I am made of, giving me a worthwhile project to focus on, and helping me {{ HEAL }}

Have you ever completed a program in its entirety?

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