Worth It Wednesday – Worthy Of My Dreams

Have you ever doubted you are worth all of your dreams and goals? See, DOUBT is the dirtiest D word I know, and if you let it, it will completely take over your being and send you running in the opposite direction. And then what happens? You get too scared to go after what it is you want (not to mention you are that much further from it!)

First step – REALIZE you are absolutely worthy of your dreams – it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do in the past, it doesn’t matter if your dreams seem silly to someone else, it doesn’t matter if they seem a very long shot… nothing else matters but that you realize you are worthy.

Once you can make that shift, I think the rest of it comes much easier but you gotta set the foundation of BELIEVING you are WORTHY, first.

I am working on this – I do pretty well with self belief, but I am no stranger to letting doubt creep in


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