Earth Day

If you took a shower once a year, you would probably stink and look disheveled, is that fair to say?

So why do we only make a big to-do about taking care of the planet once a year?

COuldn’t we all stand to make a more concentrated effort to take care of our home – not the one with a roof and 4 walls, but the one that houses EVERYTHING and EVERYONE (except the Martians – they like Mars!)

No one is perfect, but is there maybe 1 or 2 things you could do to help clean up the planet, reduce the stress on her, make it a better place that stays beautiful for generations to come?

The compound effect tell us that small efforts, applied consistently, makes a big impact, so maybe today is the day you start using reusable shopping bags (such pretty designs!), or getting a reusable coffee cup for your daily dose of java (I LOVE my bright turquoise one), or maybe you switch all your plastic food storage to Glass (much easier to clean, too!) or something else… there is no shortage of ways. you can make an impact!

To quote my good friend Jeanine, “we can be sad about it or we can make a change”! I challenge you to make Earth Day EVERY day, and I look forward to hearing what changes you implemented!

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