Sunday Reflection!

The morning after St Patrick’s Day? A good day to reflect, yeah?

Years prior, I would drink all night and then naturally, feel awful the next day – haven’t we all been there?!

Last night was different – I am in the middle of a program that calls for no alcohol (and no corned beef!) but I made the conscious decision to enjoy a few and keep it at that. And that’s what I did. We hit up 3 bars and I had 3 beers, I declined countless (free!) shots, and all the other stuff, and I feel good about it.

And I woke up feeling fine, no headache, no regrets, no wondering what the heck I did last night or how much money I spent… it’s nice.

For me, it shows that if you really want to, you can strike the balance, but you have to be willing to hold yourself to the promises/limits you set before you started drinking – you can’t really expect anyone else to keep you in line, it has to be YOU.

But, it’s doable. Balance is achievable!

Oh and I AM gonna have that corned beef later on

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