Way Back Wednesday – From Chaos Comes Clarity

7 years ago, myself and 100+ colleagues were laid off suddenly via All Hands email, without being paid for the last 2 weeks of work and any accrued vacation time.

I was stunned, and SCARED! I had just been diagnosed as a Diabetic less than a year before, and the prospect of being without insurance was terrifying!

Thankfully, I did get a new full time job soon after. But inside of me, something clicked. I resolved to NEVER let myself be that financially vulnerable again. I PROMISED myself that I would find a way to be financially healthy and not at the mercy of another person or company.

So when a GREAT opportunity came my way a few years ago, I decided to take it! This opportunity went by the name of Beachbody.

The supplemental income that has come from working a few hours a week from home as a part time coach has given me new confidence as well as a healthier financial future. Just by taking care of my health and sharing my journey with others, I have been able to save money, save for amazing vacations with my husband, comfortably buy a house, pay off some debt…

All of these are great… but PEACE OF MIND is the most valuable one!  I know that I have the ability to continue to earn, and save, and prepare for rainy days. I’m in charge and I can create the future I choose.

7 years ago, there was a lot of chaos surrounding my life. But from chaos, comes clarity. I am no longer at the mercy of anyone else, and that’s powerful! 

Have you ever felt like you were at the mercy of someone else?

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