Transformation Tuesday – Phase 1

It’s Tuesday, so let’s talk about a transformation, shall we?

I know my transformations are never drastic, but I like to celebrate them anyways, to help encourage others to celebrate all of their own hard work!

These are my Phase 1 results from my current program – a program that came out and I started at a VERY necessary time in my life. I had a rough end of 2017; my soul was genuinely hurting and everything felt like it was spiraling out of control, so to dive into a challenging but effective program, for me, was just what I needed!

I am feeling good, the fog is lifting, my mindset is coming back out of it’s negative spiral, and though I may be a little sore, I am loving what this program is doing for my body AND my soul.

Here’s to Phase 2 and kickin’ even more ass!

(ps, we have another group starting soon if YOU would like to transform YOUR life/body!)

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