Truthbomb Tuesday – You Can’t Do This Alone

I had no choice, so I went all in after I was diagnosed with Diabetes.
I was stressed out. Terrified. Clueless as to where to begin. Lost… I had confidence in my ability to rise above, like I have with everything else, but I had no idea how any of this had happened.
So I just started EMBRACING…
I embraced cleaner eating.
I embraced moving my body – in whatever way – more days than not.
I embraced educating myself about foods (which really only made me want to learn more, and I am actively planning to go back to school for it!)
I embraced trying new things that could help – one of those being Shakeology (she of the former mindset “I don’t DO shakes”, haha).
I embraced the intense need to work on my mindset, which would in turn help everything (and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING) else.
I embraced the change.
And, probably one of the most important parts of this… I joined a community of ladies doing the same thing – we were, and are, down in the trenches together daily. And that’s been a game changer. Because of these groups… these ladies… these beacons of support…
I push through each day. Growing. Getting stronger. Going after what I want. Doing what I need to do to be the best possible version of ME.
I could have fallen victim to my circumstances, but I chose to rise above them. I am just a regular girl playing the hell out of the cards she was dealt – just like you, all I can do is show up and do my best.
But I will tell you one thing – you CANNOT do this alone. You NEED a tribe, a support network, a place to hold you accountable to the promises you made to yourself.
There IS strength in numbers.

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