Success Tip Saturday – Notebook

Wanna know a secret? At any given time I have a notebook with me. Sometimes its my big one, sometimes its a littler one, but I always have something I can  jot an idea, a note, a “must do” item down on – inspiration tends to strike at the most random of times (my caveat here is that many of MINE tend to come to me while I am driving, thus unable to write them down, so I repeat it to myself in the hopes I will remember to write it down once I have parked!)

A blank notebook becomes a suggestion box for your brain, opening you up to new ideas, thoughts, concepts… you never know what will make it’s way in there!

(note: I realize that in today’s digital age, the Notepad on our phones is more convenient – I also use this sometimes, but personally, I LOVE writing, and I love putting pen to paper. The premise remains the same – when a thought occurs, note it down, however you choose to do it!)

So tell me, are you a digital or an old fashioned pen to paper fan?

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