Thursday Thoughts – Feeling Good

The end result of anything you do should be to feel good. If something doesn’t make you feel good, it might be time to figure out if it’s a necessary part of your life or not. My business partner and I have been doing a lot of this sort of soul-searching lately, and really trying to cut out things that don’t make us feel good or serve the bigger purpose.

It’s not always easy but I think its a necessary move to make if one wishes to achieve their business goals. We only have so many hours in the day, there will always be little nuances here and there we don’t enjoy and may not be able to outsource. but most of us could stand to just say ‘no’ to something we don’t want to do.

Is this you? I am reminded of this quote by Abraham Hicks, and how simple but right he is – feeling good is top priority. Try eliminating (or people, etc) things that don’t make you feel good, and see if that helps you. I know it’s helped me, and the clarity that comes along with focusing my efforts and energies on what DOES matter, what DOES make me feel good, is unparalleled.

You are allowed to feel good!

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