Wednesday Wisdom – Happiness

Do you agree? I will admit the “thinking” part takes some extra effort (my mindset is forever a work in progress…) but these 3 do line up for me.

I work at it every day, but at the end of the day I am able to go to sleep feeling happy because I have achieved harmony, I think positively (and work on curtailing the times I don’t), I speak positively, and I am often found lifting others with kind words, because as an empath, I know just how far some kind words go, especially in such a tumultuous world.

I say I want to be healthy and strong. I do things that help me get healthy and strong. I think strong, empowering thoughts (and heavy doses of personal development, daily!), thus, whether I can lift 5 lbs of 50, I AM strong.

I am far from perfect but I think back to how atrocious my mindset was a year ago, thus coloring everything else with an awful hue, and I am reminded of how far I have come, and I am G R A T E F U L.



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