Try It Tuesday – No Complaining

Have you ever heard of the “No Complaining” challenge? There are a lot of versions, I recently joined my friend Rebecca in a group to not complain for 21 days – I knew I wouldn’t be perfect at it but I figure any progress is good, because I think I complain too much when I have so freakin’ much to be grateful for, but complaints seem to flow much easier than gratitude…

I was a little overwhelmed… but I actually found myself complaining but immediately realized it and checked myself, which is progress, for me.

So while I am not doing a 3 week “no complaining” challenge, I am becoming much more mindful about how often I complain and trying to shift my mindset towards it. I am trying a 24 hour “no complaining” challenge! I mean, baby steps are better than no steps at all!

I will keep working towards progress. Have you ever tried a no complaint challenge?


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