Sunday Shakeology – Twix

Sometimes the struggle regarding candy bars is so real… you have Halloween into the Christmas season, and not long after that you are inundated with Valentine’s Day and Easter. That holiday period spans almost half the year, and you can’t even go into a grocery store without outrageous in-your-face displays (typically SEVERAL months ahead of each holiday, too!) calling out to you and tempting you.

I could not get it more. I could not struggle with this more. And as a Diabetic… I can’t just give in every time I have to go to the grocery store or run an errand at a place like Target.

Twix are amongst my favorite candy bars out there, chocolate and caramel go together like yin and yang, you can’t even deny it!

My compromise? Same flavors, different format!

Wanna give it a try and see if it can’t help keep you from keeping the candy companies in the black?


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