Thursday Thoughts – Have You Ever…

Have you ever wondered what it truly feels like to feel good? To feel loved, accepted, and encouraged? To be, and feel, AUTHENTIC?

When I signed up for Beachbody – first as a customer, then as a Coach – I thought it was just gonna be a couple of people basically telling me to suck it up and workout, etc etc blah blah… I was SUPER nervous I was gonna be called on the carpet, so to speak. I honestly didn’t know it was gonna become one of the smartest decisions I made.

It goes SO incredibly far beyond just a team of people telling me to go get that workout done, on the days I don’t want to. On ANY given day, these people rally for and with you. It’s a tribe that helps you have breakthroughs… shows you what really matters… picks you up when you may get down… is just THERE – a source of love and light when we need it the most.

My team has gone above and beyond to help with my mindset, my confidence, insecurities I didn’t even know I HAD… all while showing me that all the world wants, and needs, is for ME to be ME.

Have you ever had a HUGE team of people just encouraging you to be every beautiful, amazing, phenomenal ounce of YOU? Because I have. And there are probably no words to encapsulate how truly amazing that is. And it helps you feel good, about yourself, your life, and your mission – your WHY.

And when you feel good, and confident, and healthy, and happy, and secure… you want others to feel that way too! And this is why, through the highs and lows, the tears and the smiles, through it ALL – this is why I push to better myself as a person, and as a Coach. It’s definitely not always easy, because life doesn’t quite work that way. But it is worth it.

Because it feels good to feel good, and it feels great to help OTHERS feel good.

Does that sound like something you might enjoy? Because opportunity presents itself! Want to chat more about it or check out our online Coach Sneak Peek?

Come see if this is what you need to really feel GOOD about yourself, and pay that feeling forward!


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