Motivation Monday – Energy and Persistence

Happy Monday! First Monday of the Autumn Equinox! Are you a fan? I LOVE IT. I think I am biased because of where I live, but it is amazing here — goes by way too quick!

With the Autumn comes cooler temps, and while I like cooler temps, they lend themselves quickly to cold temps. I like chilly, crisp… not so much cold.

So it can be harder to motivate yourself to move, to eat clean when you just want to dive into hearty comfort foods, and to keep yourself light and bright with the reduced daylight hours.

But you know what? Do it anyways. You can, you know you should… find it within you to shove any and all excuses to the side and DO IT.

You have everything you need – add some energy and some persistence, and you are golden! Go forth and conquer!

What area do you live in? Do you like Autumn?




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