Friday Fit Tips – Mindset

I speak as a reformed all-or-nothing creature. Growing up, and in my teens and twenties, I was very much so an all-or-nothing kind of person, and if I knew then what I knew now…

No regrets, of course, but man I do wish I would have kicked that mindset to the curb much sooner. It benefits nobody, its defeatist from jump, and who honestly wants to combat that kinda stranglehold?

There’s always a chance of failure so why start and risk it? WRONG. Its because there is the chance of failure that you SHOULD risk it! Failure builds character – it helps get us closer to our goals, and is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success.

Something – however perfectly or imperfectly – is A L W A Y S better than nothing. Always. However small the effort may seem, it’s still meaningful!


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