Thursday Thoughts

Haven’t had much to say lately… Mercury in retrograde is sorta kinda REALLY impacting me. I have been faking it so as not to drag anyone down into my funk, but man, is it getting to me. It’s a tough time anyways, but especially tough for an empath like me.

My mentor keeps telling me not to pay any attention to the thoughts in my head, and it’s hard… they are so loud and all-encompassing! But she is right… they are lies. My mind is telling me I can’t do this, but thats a lie. It’s telling me I am not worthy, but that’s a lie. It just keeps lying.

So for the sake of not having a psychotic breakdown, I am backing off a bit to focus on having a little more fun, to focus on staying true to what I KNOW, instead of what my brain is currently trying to make me THINK. I am  focusing on having fun, organizing, and just riding it out.

Do you typically feel the effects of Mercury in retrograde?

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