Feel Good Friday – Paying it Forward

I get asked a lot “why do you coach?” – and some people are being sarcastic in asking, but some people genuinely want to know. There are a LOT of reasons, but the short answer is because I believe everyone deserves to feel their best – living a happy, healthy, vibrant life. It can be hard to find the motivation to stay with it, which is where our accountability and the support groups come in. But with hard work and consistency, these become lifelong habits, because it’s not a diet or a deprivation, it is a lifestyle change.

That’s why I help people reach their health and fitness goals, thus bettering the quality of their life. Someone helped me reach mine, and though it was my decision to take the leap, and me putting  had someone not cared enough to ask me to join their group, I might still be flailing and trying to get things under control!

And I help them by working with them to find a workout program that suits their goals and abilities, by motivating them, by providing tips to make this crazy thing we call life a little easier… they do all the work, but I am right there to motivate them, to remind them of their why, to be right there in the trenches with them, sweating with them, and I am there to provide encouragement when the inevitable feelings of “I can’t do this” creep in.

Everyone should have someone that will help them reach their goals! If you’d like help reaching yours, let’s chat! 🙂
Kara - Pay it forward

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