Meal Planning Monday – Tips!

Meal Planning is a huge tool, but sometimes it can be overwhelming! My husband I don’t really plan out our dinners because we like to go based on what tickles our fancy that day, but I especially am looking to do a little more of it to really maximize our savings and usage of groceries (I really loathe wasting food or having to throw it away!)

Here are some helpful tips to make it a little less intimidating!

  • Overlap your ingredients – by selecting recipes with like ingredients, you are minimizing how much you have to buy and maximizing savings!
  • Use the grocery circulars to inspire your meals based on what is on sale, also maximizing your savings (this girl loves a sale!)
  • Keep your eyes on the nutrition facts – make sure your week is balanced, with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and lean proteins.
  • Allow a cheat meal – when you keep it healthy and clean 6 nights a week, one splurge dinner (or lunch, whatever), won’t hurt you – just make it count!

Start with a few basic meal planning tips, and work your way forward. It will get easier, and you will certainly be better off for it!

meal planning tips

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