Food Swap Friday – An Orange for Orange Juice

How many of you enjoy orange juice with your breakfast? And how many of you enjoy an actual orange? I know, OJ is easier, you just pour – no peeling or anything (I am aware peeling an orange is not hard, FYI!), but there is a vast difference between the two, especially in sugar count!

One 12oz glass of Orange juice has 24 grams of Sugar, which is actually TWICE AS MUCH as an actual orange! Added bonus: by eating the actual fruit, you get 3g of Fiber too!

Orange for Orange Juice

I almost never drink juice – I will occasionally have Sangria, I drink iced coffee daily, Shakeology daily, and water daily… thats it. But every once in a while a mimosa at Brunch tastes good… outside of that, I am whole fruit all the way!


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