Take a Chance Tuesday – Wanna be your own boss?

Have you every wanted to make a supplemental income? Be your own boss? Help others? Get into the best shape of your life? Consider becoming a Beachbody coach!

Sometimes the best things in life are simple – this is one of them! I make my own hours, which means things that need my priority don’t get neglected. I drink my Shakeology, I do my workout, and I share my story with others (in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, my story might inspire someone else). I sell nothing. I share, and allow people to connect and see if what works for me can work for them.
Coach Summit #getonboard pic
Is it easy? I mean, if I am being honest, no, it’s not easy to be 100% transparent and put yourself out there. But it IS worth it. There are no words to describe the feeling that comes when someone who previously felt HOPELESS, comes to you and thanks you for helping them how to feel HOPEFUL again. For helping them realize their POTENTIAL. For showing them how STRONG they are.
It’s a bonus that helping others helps keep ourselves accountable on our own journeys, and give us the financial freedom and freedom of time we so desire. The real reward here is making a difference and helping the quality of someone’s life!
You could be your own boss, too! You in? Let’s chat!

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