Thirsty Thursday – Hint Water

My upline coach gifted me a bunch of stuff for Summit in a goodie bag, and this included a couple of bottles of Hint water, which I had never tried before. I love plain water so I almost never drink flavored water, but it is true that every once in a while some flavor is nice!

My opinion: it was good! Very subtle, just a hint; so aptly named. Bonus is, before drinking it, I went to the website (I like to do my research in order to validate my thoughts and opinions on this blog), and it’s dubbed “well-suited for Diabetics”, because its 99.9% water. Perfect for those days you just want a hint of flavor.

It uses the essence of fruit, no sweeteners or sugars. My kinda drink!

Hint Pic for Thirsty Thursday

They have several flavors – I tried Green Apple and Blackberry, and I liked them both.

Have you tried Hint water before? Do you like it? What’s your favorite flavor?


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