Motivation Monday – The Dream Is Free….

Yay, it’s Monday! I really did go from loathing to loving Monday’s.

It’s kind of surreal how it happens… once you start to embrace Monday as a fresh slate to accomplish whatever you want, as opposed to just the start of yet another workweek, things start to shift.

dream is free hustle sold separately

When I was at Coach Summit, I saw a LOT of success stories. They had dreams, then took action – they hustled. Anyone can dream; not everyone is willing to hustle to achieve them. These people had hardships and obstacles and hurdles and failures like anyone else, but they managed to take themselves from declaring bankruptcy to 6 figure earners, while giving back and paying it forward.

They simply decided that’s not how their story would end, worked hard, and can now breath a little more comfortably. Doesn’t that seem SO worth any and all hard work?

It’s easy to pay lip service to dreams and goals, but the hard part is the work and the hustle.

Are you willing to hustle?

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