Thursday Thoughts – There is Ability in every Disability

I don’t like to think I can’t do something. Telling me I can’t is basically just ensuring that I do, I will…

ability in disability

With a profound hearing loss, unfortunately, sometimes “I can’t” FEELS true. This hasn’t stopped me from trying, like the time I insisted on taking a foreign language in HS and failed epically (ever tried to learn a foreign language being almost deaf? NOT. EASY.)
The same has rang true for some jobs, the same way I couldn’t be in the military, I wouldn’t be very successful at being a telemarketer, bartender, customer service rep, waitress…. You know, jobs made incredibly difficult by the loss of such a major sense.
And I will admit that I fret about this for many years – how I was going to supplement my income to get myself out of debt and my student loans paid. With such limited options, I never felt like anything was really a good fit, and the only one that was – retail (and even then, had its dicey moments) – would mean basically working all weekend. And I considered it, but I weighed it out – was it worth it to sacrifice weekends and having free time for my family and friends? It might be better financially but spiritually and emotionally, was it worth it? My heart told me no.
So I kept looking.
I kinda fell on this Beachbody Coach opportunity by accident, sort of. It was never supposed to be a way to supplement my income, until all of a sudden it was. I went into it wanting a discount. But something shifted and I realized, ESPECIALLY due to how accessible Beachbody makes its events and trainings and materials for those with a hearing impairment, coupled with how I needed to get and keep MYSELF and my DIABETES under control… was this the perfect opportunity for someone with seemingly limited options like myself?
The short answer is HELL YES. This opportunity has touched and enriched my life in so many ways, from keeping me accountable to unearthing my self esteem and my confidence, empowering me, and filling a need for someone who desperately wanted to supplement her income, to get out of debt, but truly felt trapped with minimal options, all because her ears don’t work.
I have long said that I totally understand how people who haven’t lost a major sense can’t fully relate to the additional layer of struggles and frustrations someone who HAS suffered such a loss faces. So I understand that some people may balk when I say there aren’t as many opportunities, or that this is the best one for me. It is. And I want to show more people that it could be the opportunity for them too.
It’s incredibly powerful to go from feeling trapped, and like I CAN’T do something, to feeling like I CAN, finding a way to make it work, and taking control of my future, instead of letting my ears hold me back. I am grateful for that steel-will. modern technology, patient friends, family and teammates, and the ABILITY to FIND a way.
After all, I can do anything a hearing person can do, except hear.

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