Wednesday Workout – LIVE with Chalene Johnson!

Tomorrow I get to workout with one of my favorite trainers – Chalene Johnson, LIVE at Summit! I have been excited about this workout since I booked it in April – she brings the intensity, the heat, the energy, and the FUN!

She’s got such a lovable, positive spirit – you can’t help but love her, and anyone who can make me fall in love while simultaneously leading me in a HIIT workout is definitely a gem in my eyes!

She’s real and raw, honest and upbeat, and most of all – she’s PASSIONATE. Like passion radiates from her, and draws you in – you can’t help but be inspired and empowered by her!

So stoked to get to do a nice stretchy PiYo workout with her – after two back to back rounds of Hammer and Chisel, my body could really use that!


So stoked – between tomorrows scheduled workout and the Saturday Superworkout with several of the Beachbody trainers, I get two doses of her! WOO!! đŸ™‚


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