Truthbomb Tuesday – Nothing To Do With Luck

Okay I very rarely take umbrage to people’s “compliments” but “you are so lucky to be skinny” is one of the rare occurrences!

You want to know why? Well first of all, I don’t want to be, nor do I consider myself, skinny – I do consider myself fit, and healthy.

 Secondly, and most importantly, it has NOTHING to do with luck and EVERYTHING to do with hard work. I WORK to be healthy and fit. I work at it every single day. Yes, I enjoy treats, because life really is about balance. But I also workout 6 times a week… I eat clean a decent chunk of the time, I drink water like it’s my job, and I make sure I get all the nutrients I need with my Shakeology.

It has nothing to do with LUCK. So with all due respect, please don’t cheapen my journey and my hard work by saying it’s because I’m lucky. I’m not lucky – I’m PROACTIVE about my health.

It’s hard work, not LUCK.


2 thoughts on “Truthbomb Tuesday – Nothing To Do With Luck

  1. OMG! I feel your frustrations hun, I hate getting the “oh well at least your diabetes means your skinny and look amazing”. I still work out really hard to be fit and healthy, my diabetes didn’t just automatically make this happen lol

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